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IT'S ALMOST AGENDA SEASON! Probably my favorite season, hahaha! I'm a book lover, journal collector, and now an agenda/planner hoarder. Kinda crazy how many agendas I have that I DONT write in... I just have them on my shelf looking cute and decorating my room


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Summer is finally taking a toll on me. I decided to skip this semester and focus on myself instead of taking any classes in UNI and for some reason I thought I was going to be a stress free, care free, ball of happiness... Turns out when you don't really have crazy things to do every day, it's just as stressfull as having a huge list of things to do. 


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Summer's already here and the first trip I took was to Arizona! We stayed for about 6 days, but we visited 4 cities/towns. It was a crazy trip but I loved every second of it.



I turn a few deep words into something worth listening to.


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