Let's talk tattoos!

   I got my first one at the age of 19.  I had been debating it with my sister for a few weeks, not really sure if I was actually ready to have that in my skin for the rest of my life. I've wanted a tattoo since my sophomore year of high school but I never had the guts to go and get it. The day I did though, it was a random act of bravery… I decided mid afternoon that I actually really wanted it.

    The idea for my tattoo came from my sister. To be honest, I was never an outgoing person in high school or any other time of my life. I was too scared or to shy to do specific things. I got “GO LIVE” as a reminder to myself to go live the life I’ve always wanted, go live a happy life, go live an adventurous life, go live a life that I wont regret. That’s exactly what I plan on doing.  The tattoo is freehand meaning that the font is my tattoo artist’s handwriting.  Its perfect. 

Did it hurt? Yes but not as much as I thought it would. I was more scared of how it was going to look rather than the pain. It was over in about 5 minutes. The only thing that stung a little was when he had to go over a few letters.

Do I wish I had gotten it somewhere else? Nope, I love where it is. I think it’s the coolest spot for a first tattoo, and since it was on my leg it didn’t hurt as bad. I got an awesome tattoo artist as well that helped me figure out the size and dimension.

Do I want more? YESSS!!! But there’s a saying that someone shouldn’t have an even amount of tattoos, so until I’m decided on what my next two tattoos are I’m not getting near needles any time soon.

Everything about it is so me, it’s the best first tattoo I could’ve ever gotten. I’m so thankful for Ochoplacas!

What tattoos do you guys have?  Let me know in the comments below! 



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