Probably my favorite season, hahaha! I'm a book lover, journal collector, and now an agenda/planner hoarder. Kinda crazy how many agendas I have that I DONT write in... I just have them on my shelf looking cute and decorating my room. I do have two that I use every single day, one for school and another one for life. (I still manage to stress over everything though) And I've been noticing lately that planners have been getting cuter and cuter. Props to everyone taking the agenda game seriously, because it's definitely a real thing.

I write EVERYTHING down in my planner, seeing it helps me get through everything I have to do. 

My dad always taught me that the first thing you do before you start your day is write down everything you plan on doing.  Listing them helps you stay organized and you can see what you need to get done. If you want to get a bit more detailed you can make two lists. List A. is for the most important things that you need to do and list B. is for the imporant ones that wouldn't really hurt if you dont get to them on that day. 

So where do I get my agendas? 

Everywhere. I'm currently obessed with Ban.do so I've been buying some planners from them. I'll link my favorite ones down below! Ban.do is also having a launch for their new agendas soon so go to their Website and sign up! 

Target also has some super cute ones. A not so secret-secret is that some of the cutest ones I've seen are super cheap too!  In the Target closest to my house theres a little section right when you walk in that not a lot of people pay attention to. They have the cutest stationary products and they're not expensive! 

Go get your agenda girl, cute and organized. ALL 2018. 


Because of my love for agendas I decided to start The Missing Link! Click below! 

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