Last Saturday, I auditioned for American Idol in Miami, Fl. Friday night I decided to give it a shot and see where it got me, but most of all I was mainly going for the experience. To say I was nervous though, is an understatement. I couldn't stop shaking.  The auditions started at 9 am at the Rickenbacker Causeway in Biscayne. I got there around 8:30 and the line was already huge... There were at least 1k people waiting and the sun was just starting to get a bit bolder. 

      For some reason I didn't expect the line, or the auditions, to be outside so I didn't take anything except a water bottle. I was so unprepared. People took umbrellas, chairs, electric fans, food, etc. It felt like I was waiting in the Supreme line again. Thankfully, about and hour in my sister brought over some umbrellas and food. She saved my life. 

     The auditions themselves were being held outside, something I didn't particularly like. We were by a stadium in front of the bay, so the boats and people by the beach were extremely noisy. Once we got to the front of the line someone from American Idol checked if we had our applicaton papers. She'd then give us a blue wristband and a security guard would put us in groups of four. There were about 6 different judges and we'd go up to them with our groups and sing, one by one. By the time I got to the front of the line I had been in line for 3 hours. It was hot, I was hungry, I was nervous, and the security guards were rude. I just wanted to sing. When I got close to going in front of the judge, we were told that things were going to slow down because some judges were going on their lunch break. 

     That whole idea didn't fit too well with me. Why would a judge, sitting down, with a fan, under a tent need a lunch break when there were hundreds of people waiting in the sun. Again, I just wanted to sing already. The tents with the judges were within about ten feet from each other. So, while a contestant sang to one judge, the one next to them was belting another song. It made concentrating a little hard. 

     After we all auditioned, the judge called us back and told us that the bar was set too high. To be honest, I don't think it was. I think they were looking more to cast someone for a show rather than based on actual talent. I heard hundreds of amazing skilled voices that got a no. A contestant even sang opera and gave us all chills... he got a no as well. 

     Though I got a no this time, the whole experience taught me that this might not be the best way for me. Lots of great artists have made their way through the industry without auditioning for a tv show, and that's a route I'm willing to take.I don't regret the experience, it's made me want to prove myself even more. So as my dad always says I'll just "KEEP ON WALKING"... 

For all of the contestants who did make it, GOOD LUCK! Show the world what you got !!! 



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