How does someone not over pack for a trip? Please let me know because I still don't know. 

In the beginnig of May I went on a trip to Arizona for about a week, it was my first time visiting the state and we were planning on going to about 4 different citites/towns. I didn't want to over pack since it was only a week trip but nonetheless I still did... 

We did almost everything there was to do in Arizona and some of the outfits I packed were perfect for the occasions. 


One of my top 3 outfits was this Traviss Scott long "washed- out" tee with a pair of ripped at the knee skinny jeans. I added a white NorthFace jacket incase it got a bit cold and my new pair of light pink Nikes. 

At one point in my life I hated wearing anything baggy but now adays I'm loving it!!! 

When it was time to go to the Grand Canyon I switched out my shoes for a simple pair of knitted Nike running shoes (still pink), I also switched out the NorthFace jacket for an simple black long windbreaker. 


Outfit umber 2 is for a night out in Flagstaff. I switched into a pair of simple, loose, cropped, blue striped pants and a very thin beige long sleeve. I added my Nike white slip ons and the whole outfit was casually attractive. 


For my last outfit on my top 3 is this simple Forever 21 blue flower dress with a tight stitch on the sleeves. It was extremely flowy and was perfect for the Arizona heat. I added my white Nike slip ons and still hiked my way up all the Arizona trails.

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