Schools backkk ! I started University about two weeks ago but I know down here in Miami some schools started the 28th. To be honest my sleeping schedule is all over the place. I'm a night person so I LOVEEEEE to stay up really late but I also LOVEEEEE waking up early; why I do this to myself I'll never know. During summer I'd give myself enough time to actually put an outfit together but since schools started I know most of us just want to go in what ever we wake up in ( I know I do).

I few days ago I took some pics with my friend Ian, he's a great photographer and also my coworker. We were taking some back to school inspired shots for Urban Outfitters  so I figured why not make a post about it. In my opinion a jean jacket is perfect where ever when ever. 

I've also made a few outfit choices down below to spark up some creativity for a random weekday ! Let me know what you guys think ! 





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