Who loves beauty products ? 

*raises hand*  

    Working at Urban Outfitters has given me the chance to try super cool and strange beauty products. To be honest I've never really been into keeping up with my skin or reading up on new products but every once in a while I see one that catches my eye... Soo, I've made a list of a few cool products you should try whenever you're near an URBN, let me know how you feel about them ! 



Hylamide Radiance Booster - $32 (Not on the Urban Website anymore) - I've been trying this  for a few weeks and I haven't really noticed a glow or anything of the sort... Smells a bit weird too... 



Mario Badescu Cucumber Tonic Mask - $18 - One of the things this mask is meant to do is tighten pores and it totally does that. It's great for a relaxing self care day at home. 

Hylamide HA Blur - $32 (Not on the Urban Website anymore) - I LOVE this! I usually put it on where my pores are most noticeable and just put my loose powder on top. Works wonders! 

Petal Multi-Use Oil - Forget Me Not - $28 - I bought this for my mom for Mother's day and she fell in love with it. It's multi use so its great for dry brittle hair and to put on your skin, it also smells amazing.... 



Make Up Eraser - $20 - This is magic. When damp with warm water it'll remove all your make up without leaving oily or sometimes dry skin like other make up removers, it leaves my skin extremely soft.  It's washer machine safe and lasts up to about 1k washes! 

Replenishing Argan Oil Balm - $20 - I also bought this for my mom and she thinks it's amazing. It's great for dry skin and it doesn't dirty your hands! 

Frank Body Scrub - Coconut - $18 - Coffee is my favorite way of waking up and I love the smell of coconut. This body scrub mixes both! It leaves your skin feeling moisturized but not overly oily, I'm not  fan of feeling like I just dipped myself into oil after I get out of the shower. It smell's amazing so follow the instructions and make sure you don't eat it ! 



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