Let me start by saying that I LOVE shoes... Most of the shoes in my closet though, are booties. Not that I'm complaining, the more the merrier no?  I've told myself I'll stop getting them as soon as I find the perfect one but theres so many to choose from, it's impossible. Since I love them so much I thought I'd share them with you guys! 

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Say hello to the most amazing pair of booties ever! I've had these babies for about 2 years and they're literally my go-to shoes. Every one needs a pair of comfortable black booties and Windsorsmith definitely got it right with these. They're super comfy and perfect for every outfit. I'm definitely in love. 

Get some similar ones here !

These Urban Outfitters giraffe print booties are the cutest! I was a bit iffy about buying them at first just because I thought they'd be hard to style, but they're the perfect amount of extra every outfit needs. They don't have them on their website anymore but I'm sure they're out there somewhere. 


I thought I had found the perfect bootie when I found the brown boots to the right. I wasn't wrong, but I'm still on the look out for more...  I can barely walk in heels but they're so comfortable that I can definitely speed walk in these hahaha! Paired with a dress or some tight pants and the whole night is yours. 

Forever 21 doesn't have them in brown anymore but they have it in a cool wine color, find it here

The cream booties on the left were a steal. I stumbled on to them at Macy's and I grabbed them so fast. They're Marc Fisher and perfect for more of a cooler color vibe, paired with white jeans and a brown jacket and you're set. I found them online here

I actually bought the cheetah boots to the right my freshman year of high school. I remember walking into Forever 21 thinking I wanted shoes that called attention and they definitely do. I've worn them in so much that I'm amazed they don't have a hole in the sole, they're super comfy and perfect for a rough edgy look. 

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