How is it that a few years ago I was so adamant on wearing pants with extra space around the ankles? I've had these in my closet for forever but it took an internship for me to actually put an outfit together. I've been all over the place lately trying to find the perfect internship and I finally found it! I had my first day on tuesday and I totally love it. I'll be talking about it in a few weeks so keep an eye out for that! 

Now back to the outfit... 

The seasons changing and these high-rise paperbag bottoms are the perfect fit for almost every outfit. They're slightly cropped at the ankle which is perfect for someone whos 5'1. I mean I could wear these with sneakers and the pants still wouldnt touch the floor. How perfect is that. They're snug at the waist but there's still space for any tucked in shirts without looking bulky. 

They're loose fitting trousers so I decided to pair them with a more fitting black top and a pair of white mid calf boots. I added the perfect black blazer but I didnt want to break a sweat just putting it on in this heat, but a black long blazer would've gone perfectly.  If you read my last post you know how much I love accessorizing and anything that has to do with jewelery. I decided to add light pink ball-drop earrings and a layered gold necklace just to add a bit more of color. And ofcourse, my favorite bag. 








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