IT'S BEGINNING TO FEEL A LOT LIKE CHRISTMAS! 

I might have gone a bit overboard buying candles this year...  I'm so not complaining, my house is going to smell like Christmas for the next 4 months! I'm a candle lover and a Christmas admirer so even the first few months of the new year still feel like Christmas. 

Let me start by saying that I had way more candles than the ones I took pictures off, but these are just my favorites. It's kind of crazy how a simple smell can bring back awesome memories or just make you feel so happy and full. I guess I just love the feeling of feeling love (does that make sense?) 

Christmas is one of my favorites seasons and if I can get a chance to feel it everywere, I would. I bought a cream that makes me smell like pumpkin spice. Trust me I. am. commited. 

What do you guys do to get into the holiday spirit? 


Savie AcostaComment