Last week was Art Basel! When creatives all over the world get the chance to showcase their work. Art Basel is an art fair with three staged shows annually in Hong kong, Switzerland, and Miami Beach FL. Throughout the whole week different exhibits are displayed all over the city and we spend some time out with friends while enjoying the art.  

Every night is something different and you never really know what you'll end up seeing. One of my favorite exhibits this year was CasacorMiami. It was in the Rise Condo, right next to Brickell City Center and in the heart of Brickell. 

The basic idea was getting  3 different penthouses and using each room as an exhibit for a different artist. Every room had a different vibe and a different concept. It was honestly extremely cool. We were 43 floors up and the view was incredible (I was also terrified). The first penthouse we went to was for sale for $5.75 million, I wont do it any justice explaining how beautiful it was. 

My favorite room was the Tropical. Urban. Dreamland. An installation by geniousjones X shrimpprojects. I took a few pictures of it but not enough to show how awesome it was. It was the childrens play room and it had cute little bunnies in a baby crib. There were also fake clouds made of metal with bunnies floating on them. If you guys wanna see more go on to the CasacorMiami instagram

I'm also extremely proud of my sister and cousin who worked so hard with CasacorMiami to make sure it all came out perfect! 

           Unveiling of White Square Art Gallery 

Right next to the Intercontinental was the unveiling of the White Square Art Gallery pop up show. It was unlike any other gallery I've been to... I expected all the crazy costumes and the random music playing but the live performances were something different. I didn't even know there was going to be a life performance so let me start by telling you I was caught off guard. One of the performers of the night wore a bright yellow ballerina suit, completed with a banana in one hand and a monkey mask on his head. He danced around for a bit and then ended up stripping to the laughter of the audience. Kinda weird, but not so bad. In one end of the room was an exclusive installation made by Susanne Bartsch it had a wall and three huge key holes cut out. Inside were girls bathing in pancake syrup and talking. 

It was a weird night overall but I enjoyed the experience and the vibe of the night. 


Did you go to any ART BASEL events last week? Let me know below! 

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