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hold my hand babe.... 

How much is too much? When it comes to jewelry, there's no such thing. 

I love hands, beautiful hands make me a very happy person. I like looking at other people's hands and I sometimes catch myself debating for minutes which ring goes on which finger. Because that's very important. As much as I love hands, I love accessorizing them. I recently went on crazed ring shopping spree and bought about 40 rings... but now I have so many options I really give myself a hard time when it comes to putting them on. 

There's the knucle ring, middi ring, or phalanx ring, all the same thing and definitly my favorite. They go above the knucle and add the perfect subtle touch. 

Enough about rings though. 

Wrapping bracelets. To be honest, I used to hate them until I got one as a present for my birthday a few years back. Now they're my favorite! I think paring up a sublte monochrome wrapping bracelt with a beaded one and probbaly a watch is the easiest, cutest way to go. Pairing a bunch of bracelets together can be very tricky though, it can either look super pleasing or like a 7th grader who loves collecting silly bandz... So make sure your colors all go together, sort of the same tone and vibe. 

And finally, the earrings. Dangly, short, or studs, I don't have a favorite when it comes to them. I do think dangly earrings can get a little annoying sometimes but in a time where less is more, a flashy earring is the perfect touch for a simple outfit. 

So the next time you're ready to accessorize remember, go all out with the rings but subtle with the earrings. 

Let me know what you guys think! Comment below! 


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