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   Hey guys! It’s no longer chilly in Miami but I have to talk about this outfit! Winter down here is not actually winter. Its hot. Luckily we do get a few days every once in a while to wear slightly more clothing than usual, and I took complete advantage.

    If you know me personally you know I LOOOOOVEEEEE (faux) fur. Ive been wanting a fur coat for YEARS but the ones I found were either too big, too tight, or extremely fuzyy. Zara answered all my prayers. I was actually not looking for a coat when it appeared right in frontof my eyes, but thank the universe it did. This is THE perfect coat for slightly chilly places. It's not overbearingly fuzzy, though it does loose some hairs, It also does have some insulation on the inside so it does it job at keeping you warm, and it's EXTREMELY cute. Its made me one happy fashionable gal.

    I put the coat together with a sparkly turtleneck shirt from forever 21. It's a bit itchy I must admit, but totally worth it. They had this shirt in gold and silver, but silver called my name and it goes with almost anything! A super cute accessory for a simple style. My skirt I also got from Forever 21, it’s a corduroy type of material with a zipper in the front middle, extremely cute and easy to put on !

    Lastly, I paired this outfit with my everyday go to boots, METZ, from Windsor smith. They're extremely comfortable and I literally wear them everyday, not kidding, every day. I should actually get some new ones but im on love with these. I got them as a present last Christmas and I can't stop telling everyone to go on the Windsor smith website, their shoes are amazing. 

    Overall, this is probably one of my favorite outfits and I use any occasion I can to wear it! I left a few links in the bottom with where to get some of the items I paired this outfit with. Send me pics of how you guys style any of the items below!





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