My style is usually very dark, I love to dress in dark shades since my hair is pretty bright most of the time. Recently I've been trying to change it up a bit. I went on the hunt for some color! The sun was shinning, not one cloud in the sky and it was overall a very good day. Little by little I started  picking out different shades of blue. I didn't do it on purpose but I guess its what I wanted at the time. Zara is the perfect place to find trends in amazing shades. They have the cutest things and if you're trying to save up a bit of $$$ they have huge sales every once in a while. 

I had a bit of hard time wrapping this shirt around; it seemed to bulge out at some points and it kept falling off my shoulders. When I finally got it right I was in love. It looks a little grey because of the filter but it was a really light shade of blue. I shouldn't even start on those fringed pants either. Pure Perfection. 

For embroidery lovers, this shirt is super casual yet it completely dresses for the occasion. Change it up with some white pants and cute heels and you can go from casual to stunning. 

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