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         TREAT YO SELF 

(because who doesn't love to pamper themselves?)

Summer is finally taking a toll on me. I decided to skip this semester and focus on myself instead of taking any classes in UNI and for some reason I thought I was going to be a stress free, care free, ball of happiness... Turns out when you don't really have crazy things to do every day, it's just as stressfull as having a huge list of things to do. 

Focusing on beocming a better you, in every sense of the word is actually a lot of work. Some people talk as if you wake up one day and decide to change everything you don't like about yourself and thats it. You've become a better you. Truth is old habits are extremely hard to get rid off. 

One of the things I've decided to focus on this summer is taking more care of my skin. I'm a strong believer that feet and hands are extremely important and that they should be totally taken care off, but I don't walk the talk when it comes to that. 

By taking care of my skin I mean putting on lotions, and masks and just anything that would help revive and restore my skin. I for sure have an aging complex and at 21 I already feel extremely old .... 

I went out a few days ago and picked up a few things that I had never really thought of trying. Being more open minded and trying out new things is part of becoming a better you though, right? 

I ended up coming home with only a few things in hand but I was super excited. This whole "taking care of my skin" thing is actually amazing and I feel so much better already. 

So let's talk about feet, no one really likes them but they're super important! I know judging someone by their feet is crazy weird but at the same time... the.. right thing to do...

When was the last time you put on a foot mask? I had never! I didnt even know they existed to be honest. I got the Clinical works Argan 30 minute foot mask and I'm blown away. I thought it would be the same thing as putting cream on but it's so not. This foot mask leaves your skin so soft and smooth and your feet actually absorb all the moisture! It's also perfect right now since summer is the perfect time for cute sandals! 

I also came home with the CHLOE + OLIE detoxifying foot pads. I'm not new to these, i've tried them on before and after a long day of standing up or doing something rough they're amazing to have. Basically you stick on these little sticky pads  (that smell like barbeque sauce btw) on the bottom of your feet and and go to bed! They help enhance your metabolism, they remove toxins, and theyre all natural! Your body becomes a host to toxins during the day and these foot pads honestly do work. I was skeptical when I first tried them but after a long shift of being on my feet all day these pads took away all the pain! 

Last but not least I bought a sunless tanning lotion and  Coconut oil+ Manuka Honey lotion. 

I bought the Color Perfecting Complex sunless lotion, to be honest I had thought about a self tanning lotion since for ever, but I was always to scared to actually do it. What if I come out looking like an Oompa Loompa? or wont my face be a totally different color than the rest of my body? Honestly, who knows. I'm doing a bit more research on the tanning lotion but it's definitely something I've been dying to try. 

For the Coconut oil + Manuka Honey I bought the brand MEDIX, it helps diminish the appearence of stretchmarks and scars and helps with skin elasticity. Manuka Honey is known for its hundred of benefits for the body but it also helps with acne, allergies, burns, and scars on the skin. 


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So what do you think? Ready to pamper yourself a bit? 

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