Let me start today's post by saying I hope everyones safe and that though the saying is too cliche, this too shall pass. I hope you guys can help anyone in need using some of the links I've added in the bottom. Some people were extremely affected by the storm and its our duty to do what ever we can to help! I know we Floridians are having a very rough time coping with the loss of houses, nature, and memories that Irma put upon us. We're going through a very rough time but over all we will overcome this and go back to the beautiful state we once were. The Florida Keys got destroyed during the storm and it's heartbreaking to see such a beautiful place turned to rubble. I can only speak about Miami right now but thankfully we are getting everything back to normal. 

     My family and I put shutters up extremely late so we were all freaking out that we wouldn't have enough wood or that they wouldn't  hold so well. We decided to moved our cars to a parking garage last minute and that was a hassle! People were driving around trying to figure out where to park and as soon as one person parked at the Dade Land Mall garage, EVERYONE did. We all looked like ants running away from water. Before Irma was supposed to hit, the lines at the gas stations were extremely long, grocery stores were packed, and everyone was trying to find water. Things were getting pretty hectic. Though she was a bit far from my area the gusts of wind that did hit us did some crazy damage. My neighbor's tree got knocked down on to his car and roof and almost every tree down a main avenue was blocking the way. I remember at one point the gusts of wind stopped and we ignored everything we heard on the radio and decided to go outside. People were walking around and it honestly looked like a scene from The Walking Dead. We were so shocked at what we were actually seeing, we didn't really even know where to walk to. Eventually I lost power. We actually lost power for 9 days, the first few days weren't as bad but as soon as the storm left it was extremely dry heat. We had all the windows open but it didn't help. Thankfully there wasn't any mosquitos! After the storm passed and we were able to drive around we realized how bad it actually was. It's safe to say that at least 600,000 people lost power in Miami Dade county. 



                                                   So how can we help? 

I've gathered a few organizations that either accept donations or need volunteers. Make sure you check them out and sign up to help those that got it rough! 


USVI Recovery

Global Giving Foundation

FEMA - Apply for assistance if you've been impacted but IRMA. 


Team Rubicon

Samaritan's Purse

Volunteer Florida


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