Ever wonder how all those Instagram bloggers have amazing pictures? 

Well, one thing’s for sure, editing. 

Around two years ago I would stress because I didn't feel like my Instagram was how I wanted it to be. And it wasn't. I didn’t really believe how much editing goes into one picture so I would never edit mine, in the end, my pictures were all over the place.

Right now almost every type of blogger has a set theme. Its either a certain color scheme or a certain vibe but their feed flows in a specific direction.  

For this, you need a few things
1.    Time- you need to be extremely dedicated and have some time on your hands. You need to really organize and set up your posts but that takes time as well. You should know what you want to post and when you want to post it. Have it ready ahead of time. 

2.    Idea- You should know what theme you’re going to go for. What idea you want to portray and know a few spots where you can take a few pics. 
  (One of my biggest problems was that I didn’t know how to be surrounded by the colors I needed for my theme. Let's say I wanted an overall white theme, what are the odds that I’ll be standing by a white wall holding a white cup surrounded by white flowers? Get it? )

3.    Apps – You definitely need apps to edit your pictures. I’ve added my top 4 favorite ones but you should add photoshop to the list as well. I personally don’t like the Photoshop app, I don’t think it does it justice whatsoever. So I’ll stick to the laptop version for that one. 

VSCO Cam-4-2.jpg


MY FAVE!! I filter all my pics on here, and it has more features  like grain, exposure, contrast, saturation, etc. It's super easy to use and you have a wide selection of  different filters for your pictures. You can also upload pictures on your profile and make it sorta like a second Insta.  

VSCO Cam-5-1.jpg


Ahh lightroom.. I recently started using this app. I have to admit it's a little complicated at first and super overwhelming. LR is perfect for editing pictures, you can lighten up colors, change the temperature and just play around with it until you have the perfect picture.

VSCO Cam-2-3.jpg


I love this app! It's not super popular but it should be. It gives you the option to smooth, sculpt, reshape, brighten, resize, etc. I use it for anything from getting rid of an annoying zit or smoothing out surfaces on my pics. I also love the smooth option when I'm taking flatlays and what ever I'm laying my items on is a bit wrinkly. 

VSCO Cam-3-3.jpg


So I recently just got this app and I love it! It's basically like VSCO but it does have a few more features in it. You can choose between two different workspaces for editing and retouching. It offers light-room style photo adjustments and has a pretty aesthetically pleasing vibe to it. 

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