On Saturday (Jan.6) I turned 21! It feels like 1 year ago I was 17 years old and feeling extremely old, but in my twenties I'm glad to say I'm more excited for growth. I've had a list of things I hope to accomplish these next few years and I'm sure I'll be abe to cross most off soon. 

If you know me (I'm sure you all do) you know I love parties. Being with friends and having a good time is one of my favorite things to do. And on Saturday we had a pink themed party planned! Pink plates, pink utensils, pink napkins and of course a pink cake! I'm currently going through a pink color craze (have you noticed?) and my birthday was the perfect occasion to show it all of. 

We welcomed 52 degree weather with big coats, warm tacos, and the occasional set of shots.  The perfect mixture for a party. I deciced to be a bit extra because you only turn 21 once, and wore a geometric zara shirt with feathers on the sleeves, black pants, and Aldo thigh high boots. I also grabbed a red Zara coat for when it got too cold. 

The guava & cheese cake was the perfect amount of sweet we all needed for the rest of the night. With that we were off to a great night full of friends and laughter; some of us had more fun than others but passing out on a couch is also a great way to enjoy a party (whos judging?). 

May I say, I had an amazing time eating cake and dancing to Maluma. My best friends were here, my coworkers, and my family. It was a great start to 21! Thank you so much to everyone that came! 

I'm so excited for what this new year will bring! 

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