For this simple choker you'll need a pair of old jeans, shorts, skirts or anything that has a waist band you'd like to use. A pair of scissors, string, a needle, pins and a bright contrasting color pencil (I used white) 







After you have your materials, you'll need to cut out the waistband and trim the excess fabric for a clean cut. You can choose to remove the belt loops or like I did, stay with them. If you stay with the belt loops leave a little bit of fabric so you could sew them back on. 







The next thing we need to do is to measure the size of your choker,  place it around your neck and with the colored pencil draw two lines on each side, indicating where to cut. 







When cutting, leave a bit of space after the lines you drew, this will be useful when we have to sew the ends to have a more clean look. 


You should cut and have two strands like this <--







Fold the excess fabric you left on each side of the choker and sew them, leaving a bubbly rounded edge. 









Once thats done, sew the two sides together, make sure you go over it a few times to make it sturdy enough to hold. 








To hide the connecting stitching, I decided to get one of the belt loops and sew it on top to make it look like a continuos jean waist band. You don't have to do this step but I do think it gives it more of a clean look, for aesthetic purposes. 








Once we've done that, our choker is complete! To save some time, I'm holding a choker I had already done a few weeks back.


Hope you guys liked this super simple tutorial! Let me know what you guys think and remember to subscribe for weekly updates and other cool stuff! 




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