I'm not much of a watch person, but I've been wanting to be! Coincidentally enough, I happened to be on the hunt for a watch before JORD contacted me. I'd heard of wood watches before but in my opinion, some of them were way too expensive for their design. 

Fast forward a few weeks later and I have an email from JORD about wanting to collaborate! 

I was freaking out when I read the email because this was literally what I wanted. I was able to pick out the watch I liked and have it sized to fit my wrist, and to be honest, I think their designs and their quality is perfect for the price. Jord hit it perfectly! 

It's not all about the watch though, let me tell you HOW CUTE THEIR PACKAGING IS. The watch comes in a medium sized Cedarwood box (which is actually pretty sturdy and useful) and it comes with a little pen to help maintain the look of the watch. The box has a little sliding cabinet which is awesome to keep jewelry or anything else. I was so excited to see the box at my door but opening it was an experience too. (I'm not sure if I love opening packages more than receiving them....) 

 I had chosen the HYDE watch in Ebony and Iron, so its a beautiful dark brown shade with some red flakes. I love dark accessories, so this watch was going to blend right in with my vibe. For someone who's not a watch person, I regret all the years I didn't have a trusty watch on my wrist. 

I've worn it for about a solid week and I'm loving how it matches with any outfit I put on. 

I recommend you guys go to the JORD website and browse through all their options, they have amazing watches to choose from and the cutest selections! They have men watches as well because if you know me, you know I love pretty hands and pretty hands deserve a pretty watch to go with. 

They also offer unique personal engraving on either the watch or the Cedar wooden box it comes in.


PLUS+ I'm doing a giveaway with JORD so make sure to sign up using this link to win a $100 gift code to use on the site. How much more perfect can it get? 






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