I've mapped the place where I get them done, Lash Boutique and Skincare. With the best lash tech ever Karolyna Hernandez I love her so much! I totally recommend if you guys don't know where to go, she's definitely amazing!! Follow her Insta to see some of her work too! 


Before you make the decision to get lash extensions theres a few things you should keep in mind. 

1. Take the time to research for the perfect place. There's plenty of different places so make sure you know where you're going! It took me about 3 months to find the perfect place for me and it turns out it was right next to my house. Also, make sure you like the vibe and the people working; they'll be like the fairy godmother to your Cinderella. I love everyone at Lash Boutique and Skin care!!!  One tip I'll give you is dont go cheap on anything beauty, lo barato sale caro. 

2.Make sure you go in knowing how you want to come out. Find references, sizes, and pictures of what look you're going for. 

3.Wash/Brush them. When I first got my lashes done I didnt know how much work they were actually going to be. YOU HAVE TO WASH AND BRUSH THEM. They last longer the more you take care of them, and you can prevent them from flipping or loosing their place. You do have to get them refilled every 2/3 weeks, depending on how well they last. 

      I LOVE THEM.

So there's different sizes to lashes, I think the smallest is 10 and the largest is 14. I currently have 10,11,12  on and I personally think it makes my eyes pop out a bit more. I'd say start small because you can always go big but its a bit harder to start with long lashes and have to work your way down. The longer they are the easier it is for them to get messed up and the more work it is to mantain them.  I started with all 12 but the lashes on the inner corner of my eyes would always get messed up and I hated having to brush them every 5 minutes. They also flip and get stuck to my bottom lashes, it was so embarassing. Since I started using the small ones in the inner corner everythings gotten much easier. I get them refilled every 2 weeks and its about 30 minutes in and out. 

Whoever I was before lash extensions is gone, I have committed to this forever.
— ME
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