At the top of my Christmas list this year was a vintage Louis Vuitton Jeune Fille crossbody bag; it was the only thing on my list actually. We all have that one thing that we kind of obsess over, well this is mine. With vintage items though comes cleaning and maintaining and to be honest that's probably my favorite part...

I'm so in love with it! Before I even touched the bag I did a ton of research to make sure I wouldn't ruin but nourish the leather and the canvas. I read so many articles and watched a million youtube videos but my answer ultimately came from my uncle. He lives in Venezuela and has had a ton of experience with leather. I don't know why asking him never crossed my mind. 

He simply told me to put Nivea body cream. I was a bit confused and totally skeptical about it but he ended up convincing me.

Before putting anything onto the Vachetta leather it needs to be cleaned. Some people suggested magic erasers, leather soap and conditioner, and wipes. I chose to go with fragrance free, alchohol free, soap free wipes. Gently go over the vechetta leather with the wipe to take the dirt off. The straps and buckles will probbaly get darker with time and the wipes wont lighten it completely but they will do a difference.

After cleaning it all over I put Nivea everywhere, let it soak and then applied it again. It immediatly made the leather a bit darker but that all goes away when the cream gets fully soaked in the leather. 

I had ordered Apple brand leather conditioner that I heard on a few of the youtube reviews and I applied it after the Nivea cream. It worked perfectly with the cream and in a way sealed the pores in the Vachetta leather. Remember that Louis Vuitton uses untreated Vachetta leather so you need to be extremely careful when adding stuff to it. 

Get ready for lots of pictures of me with this bag hahahaha! 

What did you guys get for Christmas? Let me know below! 

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