When I woke up Thursday at 8 am I didn't really expect my day to go how it did. I packed my bags, water, food, comfortable clothes, and headed to the design district. One step closer to the Louis Vuitton Supreme collaboration. There were at least 120 people already in line when we got there. Some even camped out since Wednesday afternoon. I was given a blue umbrella to protect me from the sun, got my picture taken, and set up my chair; ready to  talk for the next 27 hours.  The way the line was set up when anyone arrived they would get their picture taken. This way security could make sure that no one would skip and we'd get into the store in the correct order. If anyone had to leave the line, they had to sign out and were only allowed 20 minutes. If they didn't get back in time their picture would be erased and their spot in line was lost. Around 3 pm the heat started getting worse and I could hear everyone complain about it. We all drank our water, ate some food, and waited for 8 o'clock to hit. No one really knew about the pictures and not being able to skip so when people would walk through the line and sit with their friends it'd make everyone uncomfortable. At one point the crowd started screaming at a guy and security eventually took him to the back of the line. 

    While waiting in line I met the owners of Tacos and Tattoos and they made it all a bit more exciting. Someone to share this heat with. By 8 o'clock the temperature had cooled down a bit but we didn't. Everyone was starting to get tired of the line. Security spoke about shutting it all down a few times but after about 15 hours of waiting, that's the last thing we wanted to hear. There were fences set up to distinguish the lines from each other and with everyone sleeping on the floor we'd jump the fences in order to go out. Security threatened us with taking us out the line and at one point a security guard called the cops and almost had someone arrested. I think a group of people did get kicked out because they were drinking alcohol. I kept waking up during the night, I was sleeping on a beach chair and those are not comfortable at all. The good thing is there wasnt any mosquitos!  

    We started moving inside the plaza and the security guards had the iPad in hand. They called our names and made sure we were all in the order we got in. I didn't expect it to be another 6 hours wait... They were letting 3 people in the store at a time and when I got to the front of the line I could barely hold in my excitement. We were taken up the elevator onto the 3rd floor of the LV building. As soon as the doors opened a personal shopper would go up to you and help you figure out what you wanted. There was no time to relax though because it was all a wish list. You'd write down everything you wanted and wish that they'd have it in stock for you. No pictures were allowed and we were urged to finish as soon as possible. Soon enough we walked down those steps, bags in hand... The whole experience was new to me. It was the first time I camped out waiting for something. Though it was extremely hot and long, I'd definitely do it again! 

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