“I live where you vacation.”  I’ve recently started to realize how true that is. This weekend I went to the Miami Flea, produced by Prism Creative Group. I had been following them for a while but never gave it too much thought, I wish I‘d gone sooner. Having no idea what to expect since I'd never been to a flea, I just hoped it was out of this world creative and fun! Parking was a little difficult to find but ultimately we found a spot. We were about two blocks down and we could hear the crowd and the live band rocking out to an oldie. I loved this place already. Even though I hadn’t given it too much thought, I had always seen their Instagram and had some vendors I was eager to check out. I was so excited to look at the art and hopefully find some treasure. 

    WE DID! As soon as we walked in we were right at a vintage thrift stand, she had the cutest things and it was all laid out according to fabric. I jumped right in, trying to spot the must haves and anything that’d look cool with my pink hair. I found an 80’s style cheetah print jacket that was a little baggy on the arms and cropped in the bottom. It was super outgoing. Aside from vintage clothing, I also went up to two of my favorite stands. One of them is Pumpkin Heart Mia, creator of a black leather studded jacket with awesome patches. It was custom made and had a grungy vibe to it. He also made many cool pins! Check out his Instagram for a lot more stuff! Next, I went to Milk & Honey; they create handmade sketchbooks and notebooks for creatives and collectors! If you know me, you know I’m crazy for notebooks. Being a songwriter I have at least one with me at all times. I do however, have about a handful of them that I like to collect and look at every once in a while… Milk and honey will soon be taking over the whole industry with their beautiful and outgoing ideas. They also use eco-friendly and tree-free products, be cool and help the earth at the same time right? I cant wait to receive my notebooks and add to my collection.

    There were many more vendors and creatives at last Sunday’s flea and there will be more at the next one! Mark March 19 in your calendars and make sure you take a camera! There’ll be lots of food, clothing, art and treasures so I suggest you go with a group of friends and enjoy the day!









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