It's no secret that thrifting has become some sort of trend. Some people  even consider it an art form. You never really know what you'll find and with patience you could end up with the most awesome things! I've had a few runs at it and I'm always trying to find new shops and places to look at. I've definitely fallen in love with what I've found. 

There's lots of places to go thrifting and aside from Goodwill and Salvation Army some small shops usually have the best stuff. I'll list some of my favorites at the bottom !

There are a few things to consider though. 

1. Use to locate thrift stores around you so you could create a map of where you're going.

2. Set a budget for the day. Some things look cool but aren't worth it. Setting up a budget per store is also a good idea. $20 dollars per store is a reasonable amount. 

3. Thrifting means not everything is going to be in perfect condition. Understand that some things will need to be fixed! 

I have a love for old cameras and I ran into this polaroid at a Goodwill. It works perfectly fine and it's an awesome bedroom accessory. 


I have a huge collection of readers as well and what better place to get actual ones than at a thrift store?! These glasses were actually prescribed but I switched the lenses to some non-prescribed ones. I also found these bandanas that immediately called my attention. 

The blue bag is my most recent find. I fell in love with it right when I saw it. The travel case is Juicy and I take it with me everywhere I go ! 


This & That shop

Lotus House Thrift Chic Boutique

Give Good Works



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