Though we all love Miami for its beautiful sunny days, after a hot summer fling its time to fall in love. Wish I could say the weather in Miami actually changes but its still way too hot. (I could barely take these pics without passing out!) The weathers changed a bit but you still can't wear anything that covers your arms or legs.

I LOVEEEE fall though, it's one of my two favorite seasons! I love the colors, the vibe, and I'd most definitely love the weather if it wasn't so HOT!

First, let me repeat myself and say that this look is definitely not for Miami, but it made me feel so cute. 

Anyways, fall is definitely different shades of oranges and brown but some might even mix a bit of red in there and that's what I did. Other than drinking and eating anything Pumpkin Spice, I'm going to try to be a bit bold this fall! Step away from my usual shades of washed out black or brand new black. So bring on the burgundys, navy blues and olive greens. Guess this means I have to go shopping! (let me know where I can get super cute fall inspired looks)

I automatically fell in love with this over all as I saw it! I've worn it a few times and it goes with almost anything! It's a washed denim from Forever 21's The Denim shop collection. It's supposed to be worn loose but I messed around with it and tightened it up a bit.

I added a red sweater and some white vans and made sure I added some ice packs in the mix too. (I'm not kidding) 

I'm not a huge fan of Forever 21 but they really are starting to get really cute stuff. They're trendy and into fall, the perfect thing to leaf me smiling. (get it?) 

Let me know what fall inspired looks you guys are going for! 


Denim Overall- Forever 21

Red Sweater/ old/ - but similar one here 

White Vans - here

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