On Saturday (4/15/17) I went to the last Panic! At The Disco: Death of a Bachelor tour date! It was in the BB&T centre in Sunrise,FL and started at 7 pm. I've been a fan of the band for a while but I really began getting into PAD once Brendon went solo and honestly, the whole album is a complete master piece. I couldn't wait to see him perform it live. The tickets said the show started at 7 but little did I know Brendon would come out at around 8:30. I was so excited I barely noticed the wait time. There were two opening bands though, Misterwives and Saint Motel, both pretty good. They've got a smooth flowy type vibe to them and they were very entertaining, make sure to check them out! The whole concert was amazing and as expected Brendon's vocals were even better live ! The atmosphere was beyond awesome and the energy the audience was giving out made me feel overwhelmed in a good way, we all had so much love for that one person standing on the stage. He kept hitting falsettos and the crowd would go crazy, it was over the top amazing. The arena was black and filled with smoke and there were flashes of light every once in a while. Once it got closer to 8:30 a countdown started and that's when it all got real. The anticipation was crazy, the room was buzzing, and we were all so ecstatic for him to come out.  He opened with Don't Threaten Me With A Good Time and ended with Victorious, both songs that made me feel like taking over the world. If you guys ever get the chance to witness him perform live, take it. You wont regret it ! 

      Though I fell in love with the concert, I also loved what I was wearing. I wore Guess 1981 High-Rise straight leg color block jeans with a one sleeve black crop top, along with some Black Booties. You guys can find the pants and the top at Urban Outfitters and the booties in Forever 21. These pants are extremely comfortable and a great statement piece. Overall I give Brendon Urie and the whole concert experience an 11/10, catch me at the next album tour! 

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