My resolution? Being unapologetically me! This year is all about self-improvement and moving forward with goals. Any fear or worry is left in 2 0 1 7.

January already came and left and I wanted to take the time to see how this first month of the new year has treated me. I never really spoke about my goals and resolutions for 2018 so I'm taking the time now to do it.  This year I've got a short precise list of goals and I personally think that the way to go about it. Don't know if its just me but I've noticed in the last few years I've written a long list of things I want to accomplish and I honestly end up scratching only a few off. I decided to focus on about 4 things this year but really commit to them.

The most important one is:

This blog. It was a dream of mine last year to start this blog and fully commit. It was really hard from the start. I didn't have the discipline to be on top of this platform, and I doubted myself so much sometimes. Recently, I've been getting the hang of it. This year I've got so many wonderful things planned for us and I'm so excited for the direction Savie Acosta is heading.  When it comes to managing multiple platforms, organization is key and I'm stressing that so much this year.

So what's happend so far? 

- So far in the first month of 2018, I've managed to get the internship I so desperately wanted. I finally understood what I envision Savie Acosta as and I got my butt off the chair and began to learn about all other creative cloud aspects. 

- January was also the month I started Uni in the campus closest to my house. I would have to drive for an hour to go to class each day but thankfully I'm a whole lot closer now. It's also the main campus so there are so many things going on all the time! It can get a bit overwhelming sometimes but I can honestly say I love it.  

- I turned 21 on the 6th and though I was so scared of actually getting older (this is honestly a fear of mine) I think I've been able to get a different perspective on my life. I'm more relaxed now, I now understand things take time. Unless it's something I ordered on amazon prime; I want that on my doorstep 10 minutes after I pressed order. Other than that, success isn't an overnight thing. 

So for the next 11 months, let's try something new. Try to be the best you, the more creative you, the you that you wish you were all those years ago. The best advice I can give when it comes to self-improvement is "fake it till you make it." Extremely overplayed but totally true. Fake the confidence until you realize how good you are. 


                                                                                                                                Let's make 2018 our year.                                             

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