Miami tends to get really hot. Every day is a beach or pool day and though we Floridians ignore the truth; it can be pretty harmful. I'm not one to talk though, I'm in the pool almost every day. It definitely dries out my hair and skin. The chlorine in the pool also strips my hair dye. Having colored hair also means I have to take care of it even more. Thankfully I've started to use body oils and sprays that are honestly amazing.... They're all super easy to find at UO, Sephora, and Ulta. 

I've also linked a few of my favorite floaties from Urban Outfitters. It's summer! We gotta have fun, be safe and enjoy it all!! 

Let me know if you guys have tried any of the things I've listed or if something else has worked for you!

Remember to GO LIVE... 

Floaties -

Sea Shell - 

Beer Mug - 

Giant Flamingo ! - 


Sun Tan Accelerator -  

Summer Shine Body lotion - 

Hydration Replenishing Oil - 

Hair - 

Color Protect Locking Spray - 

Bathing Suit - 

Lace Up One Piece - 

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